Diana Dehm

CEO, Sustainable Business Partnerships™

Diana Dehm is the Founder of the Trash On Your Back Challenge. She is also the Founder, Producer, and Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment™ Radio, CEO of Sustainable Business Partnerships™ (WBE, SBE, & DBE Certified Company) and the Founder of “The Great Thinkers Forum, A Global Collective for a Sustainable Planet™”. Sustainability News & Entertainment’s™ goal is to bring awareness around the new green economy, and drive improvement towards social and environmental impact on the planet. Diana believes “People are the heart of driving change” and that “We are all in this together” in support of our next generation. Diana’s technical experience includes 20 years of corporate sustainability innovation, collaboration and integration on the global scale; environmental, health & safety (EHS) regulatory compliance and systems integration; international consortia development and implementation; life cycle assessment; energy and water management; green IT; business case integration; global marketing/branding and strategy consulting for Fortune 500 companies. She assisted in launching Hewlett Packard’s (HP) Green IT initiatives in 2008 within the public and private sector, and continues to work with HP at the customer city level, corporate, and throughout HP Labs today. She works collaboratively with the entertainment, film, hospitality, technology, state & local municipalities, academic institutions, and sports & retail industries to build collaborative partnerships. Diana collaborated on “A National Smart Water Grid – Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Fresh Water Supply” Book, authored by Ron Beaulieu. She is an avid sailor and diver, and enjoys supporting Ocean Institute, an ocean learning laboratory for children. She is also an Executive Committee Board Member of California’s Environmental Protection Agencies’ Environmental Educational Initiative, where 6.2 million K-12 students are on board to receive environmental education as part of their curriculum in 2011.