Hanna Morris

Program Coordinator, Food Shift

Hanna Morris has worked as the Program Coordinator at Food Shift for the past year. Here, she helped set up a food recovery and waste tracking program for a local grocery store chain that redistributed nearly 50,000 lbs of surplus food; planned a meal of all recovered and foraged food for hundreds of attendees at a food waste awareness conference; and conducted research surrounding food waste, food donation, and food access barriers and opportunities in Santa Clara County. Before working at Food Shift, Hanna studied at UC Davis, where she was actively involved in the zero waste movement and expanding food recovery on campus. She initiated a program to harvest and donate excess produce grown in plant science classes; coordinated zero waste events; and mentored other students in carrying out food recovery action projects. Hanna believes that wasted food and hunger are complex, delicate, and far-reaching issues that have consequences rippling across sectors, but that direct community insights and research can inform effective solutions. In her free time, Hanna enjoys being outside, playing guitar and banjo, and making pies and jams out of foraged fruit!