Harrison Kwach

Waste Management Consultant

Harrison Kwach has over 30 years of experience in designing and implementing innovative waste management systems for cities with focus on low cost urban settlements (slums), IDP and Refugee camps. His experiences transverse Africa, Asia and Latin America and include conflict and post conflict urban areas. He is currently involved in international consultancies, particularly in designing integrated waste management systems for cities - strategic solid waste management and masterplans, plastic marine litter pollution mapping and reduction strategies, circular economy and innovative recycling solutions, environmental impact studies and social audits and training on WASH for various developments agencies- United Nations, International NGOs and multinational aid and financing institutions. He holds a Diploma in Philosophy, Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Sociology from the University of Nairobi and currently working on his research on Sustainable Waste Management Model for slum settlements for his MSc in Sustainable Urban Development at the same university. He has done major reports and publications. He has just concluded a Problue (land based plastic marine litter pollution reduction strategy) project as a team leader under DT Global for the World bank in Freetown Sierra Leone and a similar one for the Greater Banjul Area in the Gambia as waste recycling specialist with Hydroplan. As team leader has concluded a circular economy project in SWM to support UNDP and UNICEF Waste X initiative in Zanzibar Tanzania.