Lavina Alexander

National Focal Point, Cartagena Convention, Saint Lucia

Lavina Alexander is from Saint Lucia, the Helen of the West Indies. Lavina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Water Resources Technology and Management. Lavina’s current responsibility includes Coastal Zone Management and related issues. Earlier she was with the Saint Lucia National Trust, where she was responsible for protected areas management and natural heritage conservation. Now at the frontline in coastal zone management and ocean governance at the SDED, Lavina is currently charged with facilitating the integration of coastal zone and maritime issues into the wider context of national sustainable development pursuits. Marine litter is one of these issues. She currently serves as the national focal point for the Cartagena Convention Land-Based Sources of Marine Pollution (LBS) Protocol in Saint Lucia. She is exploring avenues to address marine litter management in Saint Lucia.