Rachel Gray

Behavioural Change Manager, WRAP

Rachel has worked at WRAP for 15 years. WRAP is a charity with the mission to see a world where resources are used sustainably www.wrap.org.uk During this time she has provided advice to councils to improve recycling, worked with organisations setting up and running reuse services, managed WRAPs national recycling campaign Recycle Now and mostly recently as the Behaviour Change Manager. In this role she has been citizen focused and produced a citizens routemap for SCAP ( Sustainable Clothing Action Plan www.wrap.org.uk/sustainable-textiles/scap) and a citizens strategy for plastics for The UK Plastics Pact ( www.wrap.org.uk/content/the-uk-plastics-pact.) In producing these strategies she has commissioned and reviewed citizens insights for reuse and refill as well as looking at behavioural interventions for more reuse of clothing and refill of plastics.