Radhika Kalia

Managing Director at RLG Systems India

Radhika Kalia, Managing Director at RLG Systems India Private Limited, is a visionary with nearly three decades of expertise in customer relationship management, operations, corporate communications, public relations, business development, and revenue portfolios, has worked with organizations such as Panasonic India, Samsung Electronics, EXL Service, HT Media, and Haier Appliances India, et al. Radhika is recognized for being a highly driven, self-motivated, result-oriented professional with sharp business acumen with eye for detail and precision, astute negotiation ability, customer focus, effective leadership, and excellent communication skills. In her current role as Managing Director at RLG India, Radhika has established the company as a leading reverse logistics solutions provider in a very short span of time. She believes in mentoring delivery-oriented changemakers who have shown meteoric growth YoY.