Ronald Arrieta Calvo

Ph.D. in Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

Ronald holds a Ph.D. in Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology from the Technical University of Berlin in 1991. He has over 40 years of teaching and research experience. In 1991, he and a group of researchers proposed the Integrated Solid Waste Management and utilization system as an economic and social operational model in the context of a planet with finite natural resources and very fragile physio-chemical and biological systems. Many attempts were made to convince municipalities to adopt this system, but to no avail. It was not until 2010 that the municipality of Jiménez agreed to incorporate the University in its project, and by 2011 all the people in two of the three districts of that municipality had separated their waste into three fractions: biodegradable for composting; recyclable for sorting and commercialization in a municipal center managed by a group of women; and non-usable waste for disposal in a controlled landfill.