Suhas Dixit

Founder and director of APChemi

Suhas Dixit is the founder and director of APChemi. APChemi is leaders in pyrolysis based chemical recycling of plastic waste since last 12 years. APChemi is backed by Shell Petrochemicals as well as Dr JB Joshi Research Foundation. APChemi has established over 30 pyrolysis plants globally. APChemi promotes chemical recycling of the toughest and dirtiest plastics waste in a very transparent and sustainable manner. Suhas Dixit is an inventor of numerous patents in Pyrolysis plastics, including pyrolysis of ‘multilayer-packaging’ and ‘municipal solid waste segregated plastics’. Currently, APChemi’s proven technology recycles 80 metric tons of end-of-life plastic waste daily into fuels and petrochemicals. Suhas Dixit is alumni of Institute of Chemical Technology. He works form Navi Mumbai as well as London.