Tricia Watson

Rethink Waste : Disrupt : Innovate

Tricia is a business analyst turned waste manager with a penchant for difficult stuff. She has complex project management skills combined with pragmatism, systems thinking, and an endless fascination with what makes people tick. She is way too keen to get her hands dirty and often has to be dragged out of skips. She can’t throw anything away. Her early innovation projects included reuse capture at HWRCs before it was a thing, social value partnerships while the definition was taking shape, sourcing finance and other resources from unexpected quarters and constantly challenging the “unrecyclable” myth with niche plastic & textiles opportunities that worked. She is also awarded for innovation and tenacity and has contributed to trade associations and government policy-making. Frustrated by incineration's domination of industry investment & government thinking, she left the waste world, turned to consulting, and jumped into local politics to drive change through public procurement, regulatory challenges, and solution provision for those who really wanted it. She is currently collaborating across an extensive network of change-makers, educators, politicians, non-profits, and solution providers to instigate behaviour change at the personal and community level, change the narrative, and bring doughnut economics to fruition. Tricia is happiest when she supports others on this path. Increasingly intolerant of “business as usual," she is a thorn in the side of those who peddle meaningless headline distractions to deflect those pesky environmentalists from the only viable way forward.