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| be Waste Wise | October 7, 2022

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Circular Economy in Healthcare – From Theory to Practice

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May 13, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm UTC Timezone

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The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in an explosion of single-use PPE and other waste. In healthcare settings, procurement of PPE (masks, aprons, gowns etc.) and medical devices/instruments have increasingly turned away from reusable options in favour of disposable solutions. This webinar will discuss the reasons behind this and the strategies required to reverse this trend.

We will hear from two companies (Revolution-ZERO and Vanguard Medical Devices) actively working with the NHS and the wider healthcare sector to trial and integrate reusable systems into clinical settings. We will discuss the contribution that circular medical textiles and instruments can make towards reducing the carbon footprint of the sector and what the circular surgical theatre of the future could look like, how decontamination technology is developing, and its potential to be rolled out globally. The challenges are many, but social gains and waste and carbon reduction rewards are so significant that this promises to set the trend for the healthcare of tomorrow.

Tom Dawson, Founder @Revolution-ZERO

Tom Dawson (@drtomdw) is the founder of Revolution-ZERO, a net zero, circular economy focused reusable PPE and medical textiles solution. He has over 25 years of life and physical sciences experience delivering solutions for government, industry and third sector organisations. He holds a doctorate in physiology, anatomy and genetics (University of Oxford); degrees in medicine (Otago) and biochemistry (Otago); and multiple post-graduate qualifications. Tom has held technical, management and leadership roles in industry and academia. He has published papers, patents and presented internationally relating to wearable technologies, information technology, machine learning, change management, human performance and genetics, molecular biology, and the autonomic nervous system. He has ongoing professional collaborations with multiple UK and international universities.

Paul Broadberry, Country Manager @Vanguard Medical Devices

Paul Broadberry is the Country Manager for Vanguard Medical Devices Ltd. Vanguard is a single use medical device (SUD) remanufacturer. Medical remanufacturing is commonplace in other countries. Paul has worked in healthcare for 17+ years and his current role is to expand the knowledge, understanding and subsequent adoption of medical remanufacturing within the NHS and private healthcare institutions in the UK. Paul and his team have made a good start with 57 hospitals already onboard delivering savings and sustainability gains through re-use.


Emma Burlow, Founder @Lighthouse Sustainability

Emma is one of the UK’s leading specialists in circular economy and sustainability in business. She has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Emma has directed a range of circular economy projects for large and small businesses and the public sector; for Zero Waste Scotland’s CE Business Support Programme and is a technical assessor for WRAP Wales’ Circular Economy Fund for business. She believes that sharing learning is the best way to speed up a transition to a more circular economy and, in Feb 2020, launched her #CE100 series on social media, which aims to showcase 100 mainstream examples of circular business models or services. She is a mentor for the Circular Economy Club global network and has hands-on experience of the challenges, barriers, drivers and ultimately, successful transition to more circular business models.

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