Regional recycling rates are low, while waste creation and per capita income are rising. About 45% of regional garbage is still dumped at substandard sites, including over 10,000 in the LATAM region. The situation can vary widely, yet poor waste management affects all countries in the region.

This webinar explores how Latin American and Caribbean countries can accelerate the elimination of dumpsites and substandard waste management and promote waste prevention through national and local government initiatives.

  • Vishwas Vidyaranya

    Co-founder, Ambire Global

    Vishwas is the co-founder of Ambire, a company focused on consulting and digital solutions in circul...
  • Davila Jose Luis

    Independent Environmental Consultant - Project Manager

    Davila's experience includes areas such as solid waste management, air quality, and environmental as...
  • Kait Siegel

    Waste Sector Manager, Methane Pollution Prevention, Clean Air Task Force

    Kait Siegel is the Waste Sector Manager on the Methane Pollution Prevention team at the Clean Air Ta...
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