be Waste Wise Annual Fundraiser

It has been 10 years since be Waste Wise was founded. We started with the goal of addressing the need for knowledge dissemination in waste management. We curated webinars and video panels to help address the global gap in this knowledge. Over time, we have evolved:

From 1 moderator to 12 moderators

From 6 dialogues a year to 24 dialogues annually

From a handful of contributors to over 300 contributors

We now curate topical webinars that impact different geographies. Our email community is over 5,000 people strong, and we aim to grow around the principles of dialogue and diversity. We want to talk about waste issues in underrepresented regions and start digging deeper into the different prongs that go into solving the climate crisis

As we prepare ourselves for another decade of growth, we need your support in more ways than one. Producing a webinar takes several hours of work from our 3-member team, and while our moderators have been generous in offering their time and expertise free of charge, we still need funds to support our team. We do not believe in putting our content behind a paywall - we wish to continue to keep all our webinars freely accessible to anyone across the globe, along with access to the speakers. We also continue to remain a non-profit organization.

We now have a goal of $20,000 to raise to help us tide through the next two years. We will continue to produce two monthly webinars with our team of moderators and intend to host a longer Global Dialogue on Waste in 2024.

If you see the value in making diverse sustainability dialogues available free of charge to anyone and everyone, then support us in our mission. Support be Waste Wise!

If you need to clarify something with us, please write to us at [email protected].