Watch Demetra Tsiamis (Associate Director of Earth Engineering Center at CCNY) discuss the Future of Waste Treatment Technologies with Prof. Marco Castaldi (Associate Professor at City College of New York), Prof. Nickolas Themelis (Director of Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University) and Dr. Venkata Mohan (Prinicipal Scientist at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology). This panel was organized under the “Future of Waste” theme curated by Prof. Margaret Bates of University of Northampton, as part of the 2016 Global Dialogue on Waste organized by be Waste Wise.

  • Demetra Tsiamis

    Associate Director, Earth Engineering Center

    Demetra Tsiamis is the Associate Director of the Earth Engineering Center at the City College of New...
  • Marco Castaldi

    Manager of Fuel Processor Component Development

    Prof. Marco Castaldi received his B.S. ChE (Magna cum Laude) from Manhattan College. His Ph.D. is in...
  • Margaret Bates

    Professor Sustainable Wastes Management, University of Northampton

    Margaret Bates is Professor Sustainable Wastes Management at the University of Northampton. She has ...
  • Nickolas Themelis

    Prof. Nickolas Themelis is the Founder and Director of the Earth Engineering Center at Columbia Univ...
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