As an effective means of reducing unsustainable levels of waste production, the Circular Economy has been widely embraced amongst policy and resource professionals. However, the other side of the circular economy equation, involving the reuse of materials and resources at the ‘front end’ of the economic cycle – that is, ‘circular’ design for circular business models and ‘circular’ consumption – has remained stubbornly elusive.

In this webinar, the panellists explore what more could be done from the design, business, consumption, and policy perspectives to hasten the implementation of the circular economy. The panellists are based in South Australia, the first Australian state to champion the adoption of the circular economy.

  • Robert Crocker

    Deputy Director, China Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development

    Robert’s research is focused on consumption, waste, and design for the circular economy. He has co...
  • Niki Wallace

    Director of Net Zero Lab

    Niki Wallace is a researcher, educator, and designer focused on Just Transitions, with research inte...
  • Paul Huxtable

    Business Developer

    Paul is an accomplished Australian industrial designer and business developer with diverse internati...
  • Vaughan Levitzke

    Former Chief Executive, Zero Waste SA

    Vaughan is well known for his dedication and intelligence in improving SA’s waste and recycling se...
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