With the growing awareness of the impact we have on the environment encouraging more people to embrace reuse and repair, we see a rapid increase in organisations and business models specialising in pre-loved, repaired, repurposed or rental options from clothing to electrical equipment. But how do we take the next step and normalise individual decision making to look for these items before considering something new?

We gathered together a panel of leaders in this field, Elaine Brown (CEO of the Edinburgh Remakery), Zaqiya Cajee (Founder and Chief Executive of Swop It Up), Andrew Ferguson (Founder and CE of Refashion) and Sarah Ottaway (Sustainability and Social Value Lead, SUEZ) to discuss their activities at the forefront of this space, and how we take this key next step in creating a circular economy.

  • Sarah Ottaway

    Sustainability & Social Value Lead, SUEZ UK

    Sarah Ottaway became SUEZ recycling and recovery UK’s Sustainability and Social Value Lead in 2019...
  • Andrew Ferguson

    Co-founder, Re-Fashion

    Andrew is co-founder of Re-Fashion, a re-commerce platform that helps bring sustainable fashion to t...
  • Elaine Brown

    CEO, Edinburgh Remakery

    Now at the Edinburgh Remakery, she is driving forward the concept of Re-use and Repair through the E...
  • Zaqiya Cajee

    Founder, Swopitup

    Zaqiya Cajee is the 18-year-old founder of Swopitup; The initiative provides a platform for young pe...
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