This is a series of two webinars where Mike Webster and Dr. Mansoor Ali discuss the waste crisis. This is Part 2, where panellists talk about why waste is a resource for billions and why does it matter. Head here to access Part 1 of the series, where panellists analyse the barriers to the delivery of universal waste collection.

  • Mike Webster

    Project STOP Program Director, Systemiq

    Mike Webster currently manages the London Community Resource Network (LCRN), developing skills for w...
  • Harshad Barde

    Director, SWaCH

    Harshad is currently Director of SWaCH Pune, India’s first autonomous cooperative of informal wast...
  • Jo Beall

    Emeritus Professor and Distinguished Policy Fellow, LSE

    Jo Beall is Emeritus Professor and Distinguished Policy Fellow at LSE Cities, London School of Econo...
  • Dr Mansoor Ali

    Solid Waste Management Expert

    Dr Mansoor Ali is a solid waste management expert with more than 35 years of experience in planning ...
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