Bio-economy includes an alignment of agricultural sustainability and energy transition, including waste-to-biogas development. We will discuss a range of related developments including on-farm renewable natural gas, sustainable beef, carbon sequestration through biochar, digestate utilization, and other regenerative agricultural practices.

With a lively panel of international industry experts, we discuss lower carbon intensities and related monetary opportunities for both the waste and energy industries.

  • Jonathan Cocker

    Sustainability Officer, International Bar Association

    Jonathan Cocker provides advice and representation to multinational companies on a variety of enviro...
  • Brent Lyon

    Director of Business Development, Scovan Engineering

    Brent Lyon, PEng is Scovan Engineering’s Director of Business Development, with a strong focus on ...
  • Brittney Drake

    Business Development Director, Energy, Assets and Technology

    Brittney Drake is the Business Development Director for Energy, Assets and Technology. Her backgroun...
  • Jayson Zwierschke

    Founder, Elementa Group

    For over 20 years, Jay Zwierschke has been a noteworthy leader in the Canadian cleantech space. As t...
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