Jayson Zwierschke

Founder, Elementa Group

For over 20 years, Jay Zwierschke has been a noteworthy leader in the Canadian cleantech space. As the forgoing Elementa Group founder, he led a new path in the waste to energy market by creating a zero-incineration technology platform that was successful in converting municipal and other waste streams into a clean, high hydrogen synthetic gas (syngas). The syngas is excellent medium value energy for power production in gas engines, and gas turbines used in combined cycle systems. As a technology leader, Jay is credited with building alliances with Caterpillar Inc, University of Toronto, Battelle Memorial Institute, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and Samsung C&T Engineering Construction Group. Jay has secured multi-million-dollar long-term government Feed-in Tariff contracts (IESO) and established several operational Certificates of Approval with the Ontario Ministry of Environment.