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| be Waste Wise | August 14, 2022

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Plastic Credits and Its Applicability in Latin America | with Vishwas Vidyaranya

Image shows the process of the plastic credits journey

Organized on 3rd March 2022

Latin America and the Caribbean generate over 216 million tons of municipal solid waste of which approximately 12% is plastic waste, representing about 26 million tons. The total recycling rate of MSW is less than 5%, a situation that also applies to plastic waste. In 2018, approximately one-third of the waste generated, equivalent to 145,000 tons per day, was sent to open dumps of which, 17,000 tons per day corresponded to plastic waste. The inadequate disposal is estimated to affect over 170 million people.

Plastic credit is a novel concept that allows financial leverage for social projects that seek to reduce plastic pollution. The webinar provides an understanding of the concept and gives an insight into a few successful projects in the region.


La tasa de reciclaje de la región sobre el total de residuos sólidos municipales generados es inferior al 5%; situación que no es ajena al plástico. En 2018, aproximadamente una tercera parte de los residuos generados, equivalentes a 145.000 toneladas al día, fueron enviadas a botaderos a cielo abierto. De estas, 17.000 toneladas al día corresponden a residuos plásticos, afectando a cerca de 170 millones de personas.

Los créditos de plástico son un mecanismo que permite apalancar financieramente a proyectos sociales que buscan reducir la contaminación generada por estos materiales. El webinar proporciona una comprensión del modelo y muestra ejemplos de proyectos exitosos en la región.



Vishwas Vidyaranya


Founder, Ambire Environmental Engineering Solutions

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Profile picture of Kamal Raj


Director of Impact Projects @rePurpose Global

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