With as much as 80% of the population in developing countries without regular and effective waste collection, what hope is there for a truly global sustainable waste management solution?

This panel considers international best practices in system design, packaging innovation, policy reform, consumer responsibility and technology breakthroughs to suggest how we can ensure we curb global waste production, how we can recycle more, how we can protect our communities and the environment and how we must tackle overconsumption before it’s too late.

  • Adam Read

    Chief Sustainability & External Affairs Officer, SUEZ UK

    Adam Read is the Director of External Affairs at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery. Adam has specialized...
  • Daniella Russo

    Founder & CEO, Think Beyond Plastic

    Daniella Russo is the CEO and co-founder of the Think Beyond™ the leader of global action to devel...
  • Tracy Sutton

    Fellow, Royal Society of Arts

    Founder and lead expert Tracy Sutton set up Root in 2013 to help organisations use less and focus on...


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