Naman Gupta

Founder, Code Effort Pvt. Ltd

Naman Gupta is the founder and director at Code Effort Private Limited. At Code Effort Private Limited, they manufacture affordable, hand-crafted, and sustainable paper and fiber merchandise using recycled cigarette butts for the global market to help rural women artisans get livelihood opportunities and foster a circular economy. Since its inception in 2018, Code Efforts have collectively recycled 2.5 Billion+ cigarette butts, saved 50 Billion+ litres of water from contamination, and generated employment for 2,500+ rag-pickers, the BPL community, and women. Naman delivers guest sessions at top schools and colleges like IIT, IIM, JIMS, Pathways School, and many more. Promising Social Leader 2022, Limca Book of Records, the India Book of Records, the International Book of Records, and Exclusive World Records are a few of his accolades.