Trillions of cigarettes are manufactured annually to meet global demand, but what happens to the corresponding number of tiny cigarette filters tossed into the environment? These cellulose-acetate-based cigarette butts, among the planet’s most littered items, pose collection challenges and enable the unchecked leaching of toxic substances. Their small size and multiple disposal points hinder effective collection, exacerbating waste management inefficiencies. While recent efforts focus on recycling and valorization, the ubiquity, toxicity, and persistence of cigarette butts demand a deeper understanding of their sources, fate, and potential impacts. Urgently needed are regulations and robust waste collection mechanisms enforced by policymakers to address the persistent nature of cigarette butt pollution.
This webinar drew attention to the environmental risks posed by cigarette butt littering and explored economically and environmentally sustainable technologies for repurposing.
It also explored innovative ideas and advocate for policy reforms, addressing the pervasive nature of this environmental challenge.
  • Brajesh Kr. Dubey

    Professor, IIT Kharagpur, India

    Prof Brajesh Kr. Dubey is presently Professor – Resource Recovery and Circular Engineering, Dept. ...
  • Divya Tiwari

    Principal Scientist & Advisor, Saahas

    A passionate proponent of Sustainability through Resource Circularity, Divya is currently Principal ...
  • Hari Bhakta Sharma

    Assistant Professor,Environmental Engineering,SMIT

    Dr. Hari Bhakta Sharma, currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at ...
  • Naman Gupta

    Founder, Code Effort Pvt. Ltd

    Naman Gupta is the founder and director at Code Effort Private Limited. At Code Effort Private Limit...
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