Expanding food recovery programs is a critical action in a community’s overall strategy to reduce wasted food, but some efforts may deliver more community value than others. Oregon DEQ will speak to their cutting-edge, LCA research on the environmental, economic and nutritional trade-offs between different pathways to rescue and redistribute food. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) will speak to their pioneering research to identify and model how much food could be rescued at the city level and which sectors offer the best opportunities for success. Together we will explore the promising potential of food recovery while also discussing the limitations of food rescue and the challenges of working within the larger food system.

Here are follow up resources that will be helpful after watching the panel (it includes reports form NRDC & DEQ:

  • Kate Bailey

    Policy and Research Director for Eco-Cycle

    Kate Bailey is the Policy and Research Director for Eco-Cycle, based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Eco-...
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