This is a series of two webinars where Mike Webster and Dr Mansoor Ali discuss the waste crisis.

This is part 1, where speakers talk about waste as a system and discuss access to waste systems for everybody. They analyse the barriers to the delivery of universal waste collection. With the example of two case studies, the panellists try to understand the way forward.

  • Mike Webster

    Project STOP Program Director, Systemiq

    Mike Webster currently manages the London Community Resource Network (LCRN), developing skills for w...
  • Andre Kuncoroyekti

    Chief Delivery Officer, Project STOP Muncar

    Andre Kuncoroyekti is the Chief Delivery Officer at Project STOP Muncar....
  • Dr Mansoor Ali

    Solid Waste Management Expert

    Dr Mansoor Ali is a solid waste management expert with more than 35 years of experience in planning ...
  • Swati Singh Sambyal

    Waste Management Specialist with the UN-HABITAT

    Swati Singh Sambyal is a renowned researcher on resource management and circular economy. Swati has ...
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