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| be Waste Wise | October 2, 2023

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Waste from the Renewable Energy Sector and E-Waste in India | with Brajesh Dubey

Image shows a large collection of different types of e-waste

Organised on June 16, 2022

Over the last few decades, electronic waste has emerged as one of the major waste streams of concern among the various solid waste streams. During the recent pandemic, with the need of working from home and needed collaborations online, professionals around the world had to update and buy new tools to be ready for the new normal of working remotely on a regular basis. This also contributed to a significant increase in the e-waste quantity in the waste stream. As the world is moving toward renewable energy sources for energy needs, Solar Panels and Wind Turbines are being used extensively around the world to meet the renewable energy targets. Waste from these renewable energy sectors is also showing up in significant quantity in the waste stream these days.

In this webinar, stakeholders from various sectors such as the waste management industry, service providers for rule implementations, academia, training and capacity-building agencies come together and discuss the various issues associated with this waste stream, including better waste management strategies, implementation of EPR, recovery of valuable resources and transition to a circular economy framework for this sector.

Specifically, the webinar focuses on:
1. Where the industry is today in managing this waste stream?
2. What help does the industry need to manage it better if needed?
3. How academia and other stakeholders/agencies can help the cause of better management of this waste stream including resource recovery of precious materials from this waste stream?



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