Collecting food waste from restaurants and cafes in urban areas can be challenging. In this webinar, we hear from Daniels Langeberg, Founder and CEO of EcoCaddy. Daniels is an entrepreneur in South Australia who is pioneering a new service model for collecting food waste from food service businesses. This model is overcoming barriers by providing a service that is at the human scale, quiet, and emits zero emissions. Daniels shares insights into the EcoCaddy organics collection model, including how it works, the challenges faced and the benefits. He also provides some perspectives as an entrepreneur and his vision for the future of waste collection in cities.

For other case studies and research from Kat Heinrich, head to Beyond Food Waste.

  • Kat Heinrich

    Director, Rawtec

    Kat Heinrich is a food waste specialist in Australia and winner of the 2017 GISA Women in Waste Lead...
  • Daniels Langeberg

    Founder, EcoCaddy

    Daniels founded EcoCaddy after returning from Shanghai, China, where he was working as an Urban Desi...
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