For effective waste treatment and resource recovery, “Source Segregation” of the waste materials is the key; this is a well-accepted concept throughout the world; in India, there is a growing realization that waste segregation is very important for any effective waste treatment. The waste management rules of India also stress the segregation of waste in the form of wet waste and dry waste (also household hazardous waste). They are now mandated to develop any waste management infrastructure in the country. There are quite a few success stories from different wards of a city or even from an entire town/city where the source segregation is being practised in the country.

But for many parts of the country, we are still struggling to have a robust, working waste source segregation at the generation point in terms of collecting the waste in segregated form. In this webinar, stakeholders from different sectors involved in developing waste management infrastructure, especially the urban sector, come together and discuss the various issues associated with developing an effective, working and sustaining source segregated waste collection and treatment systems.

Specifically, the webinar focuses on:

  • How are we doing regarding waste source segregation in India?
  • What help do the urban local bodies need to manage it better?
  • How academia and other stakeholders/agencies can help the cause of better development of source segregation infrastructure and operations for effective waste management in terms of resource recovery and incorporations of circular economy?
  • Brajesh Kr. Dubey

    Professor, IIT Kharagpur, India

    Prof Brajesh Kr. Dubey is presently Professor – Resource Recovery and Circular Engineering, Dept. ...
  • Pradeep Khandelwal

    Retired Chief Engineer, East Delhi Municipal Corporation

    Pradeep Khandelwal, having 38 years of professional experience, recently retired as Chief Engineer i...
  • Swati Singh Sambyal

    Waste Management Specialist with the UN-HABITAT

    Swati Singh Sambyal is a renowned researcher on resource management and circular economy. Swati has ...
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