According to the United Nations Environment Programme’s 2019 article titled ‘The Caribbean addresses the scourge of plastic pollution’, it states that seventy to eighty-five per cent of marine litter in the Caribbean Sea comes from land, and most of it consists of plastics. The environmental, social, and economic impacts of plastics on the environment are well known: waterways get choked and flood more often, and sewage systems become clogged, providing breeding grounds for mosquitoes and raising the risk of transmission of waterborne diseases like dengue; plastics enter the food chain through contaminated soil and water; and visual pollution impacts tourism and recreational activities.

Our webinar discusses the work of 3 organizations representing Trinidad And Tobago, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), and Jamaica, as they discuss their roles in plastics recycling in the Caribbean as island states.

  • Sian Cuffy Young

    Co-founder, Siel Environmental Solutions

    Sian Cuffy-Young has been involved in the environmental field for over fourteen years. She is no str...
  • Majeed Mohammed

    COO, SMCL Investments Trinidad Ltd

    Majeed Mohammed has an MBA in Sustainable Energy Management from Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Bu...
  • Nalini Sooklal

    Co-founder, Recycling Partners of Jamaica

    Having held various positions within the Environmental sector regionally, Ms Sooklal is easily ident...
  • Ronald Roach

    Director of Water and Waste Services, Unite Caribbean

    With a career spanning 30 years in the fields of operations management, project management, and wast...
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