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| be Waste Wise | October 2, 2022

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Waste from the Renewable Energy Sector and E-Waste in India

Waste from the Renewable Energy Sector and E-Waste in India
June 16, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm UTC Timezone

Over the last few decades, electronic waste has emerged as one of the major waste streams of concern among the various solid waste streams. During the recent pandemic, with the need of working from home and needed collaborations online, professionals around the world had to update and buy new tools to be ready for the new normal of working remotely on a regular basis. This also contributed to a significant increase in the e-waste quantity in the waste stream. As the world is moving toward renewable energy sources for energy needs, Solar Panels and Wind Turbines are being used extensively around the world to meet the renewable energy targets. Waste from these renewable energy sectors is also showing up in significant quantity in the waste stream these days.

In this webinar, stakeholders from various sectors such as the waste management industry, service providers for rule implementations, academia, training and capacity building agencies will come together and discuss the various issues associated with this waste stream, which will include, better waste management strategies, implementation of EPR, recovery of valuable resources and transition to a circular economy framework for this sector.

Specifically, the webinar will focus on:
1. Where the industry is today in managing this waste stream?
2. What help does the industry need to manage it better if needed?
3. How academia and other stakeholders/agencies can help the cause of better management of this waste stream including resource recovery of precious materials from this waste stream?

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Radhika Kalia, Managing Director @RLG Systems India Private Limited

Radhika Kalia, Managing Director at RLG Systems India Private Limited, a visionary with nearly three decades of expertise in customer relationship management, operations, corporate communications, public relations, business development, and revenue portfolios, has worked with organizations such as Panasonic India, Samsung Electronics, EXL Service, HT Media, and Haier Appliances India, et al. Radhika is recognized for being a highly driven, self-motivated, result-oriented professional with sharp business acumen with eye for detail and precision, astute negotiation ability, customer focus, effective leadership, and excellent communication skills. In her current role as Managing Director at RLG India, Radhika has established the company as a leading reverse logistics solutions provider in a very short span of time. She believes in mentoring delivery-oriented changemakers which have shown meteoric growth YoY.

Prabhjot Sodhi, Sr Program Director – Circular Economy @Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

Prabhjot has worked for the last 12 years in the implementation of Circular Economy (CE) including sector strategies, systems thinking, materials flow, recovery centre, competence development programs, business models, including the informal sector, and addressing EPR. He was the program manager for the Department for International Development (DFID), United Kingdom, and the Government of India (GOI) in KRIBHCO for a period of 14 years. He has diversified experience in leading and implementing projects in a wide range of areas – plastic waste management to climate change, natural resources, land development to livelihoods of poor, and marginalized in the tribal, rural, and urban spaces for the last 40 years. In 2012, awarded the Talented Conservator Award by George Washington University, Washington DC, USA.

P Parthasarathy, Founder and Managing Director @E-Parisaraa Pvt. Ltd

P. Parthasarathy has about 34 years of experience in the field of precious metals coating, recovery, and refining with about 15 years in the recycling of Electronic Waste with a few papers and several national and international presentations in these fields. He started E-Parisaraa Pvt Ltd in 2004 for Electronic Waste Management for the first time in India with low cost, cleaner technologies and to implement 3R best practices. E-Parisaraa is engaged mainly in resource recovery of metals, plastics and glass in an environmentally friendly way from E-waste. The second facility is under operation at APIIC Industrial Park, Gollapuram, Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh for recycling of Spent Lithium Ion Batteries in addition to E-waste since 2021. He is also the founder of founder and CEO of Surface Chem Finishers, a specialist in Electro Plating of Precious Metals since 1995, engaged in Recovery of Precious Metals from E-waste.


Brajesh Dubey, Associate Professor – Environmental Engineering and Management @Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur

Dr Dubey received PhD in Environmental Engineering Sciences from the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA. He has received BTech (Hons) in Civil Engineering from IIT-Kharagpur, India. Dr Dubey has over 16 years (post PhD) of research, teaching, and consulting experience within the broad fields of environmental, sustainable/resilient engineering and circular economy approaches, addressing the nexus among sustainability, resiliency, infrastructure, and waste, energy, and the environment. Dr Dubey is the author of more than 250 publications which include 115 journal papers, 4 edited books/conference proceedings, 25 book chapters, and 27 full conference papers (with an h-index of 39. and an I10-index of 81 with over 4,700 citations). Dr Dubey has given more than 50 invited presentations in various countries in the world including Canada, the USA, China, Germany, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the U.K.)

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