In this webinar, the panellists discuss managing waste in the Caribbean, emphasising how it all worked during a pandemic. They discuss the challenges faced but also the opportunities that have come about. They focus on the experiences of 3 countries – Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Sian Cuffy Young

    Co-founder, Siel Environmental Solutions

    Sian Cuffy-Young has been involved in the environmental field for over fourteen years. She is no str...
  • Shelly Ann-Dunkley

    Environment Communications Officer at Wisynco Group Limited

    After working for over 8 years in the US, Ms Dunkley relocated to Jamaica and started Jamaica’s fi...
  • Terri La Fon

    Terri-Anne Carter-La Fon holds the post of Recycling and Recovery Manager at the Trinidad and Tobago...
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