Plastic film in agriculture is valuable and widely used, but is difficult to collect and recycle, and especially in the past few years has become a real challenge. To help address this problem, Think Beyond Plastic and Driscoll Berries, California Giant, Naturipe, GemPack, and many others have partnered in the search for solutions that are potentially commercially viable. The participating industry sponsors will pilot the winning innovations on their farms. Finalists will enter the Think Beyond Catalyst program at the Global Entrepreneurship Center.

This webinar explores the challenges in using plastic mulching, the innovation opportunities, and how the industry views sustainability with less plastic waste.

  • Daniella Russo

    Founder & CEO, Think Beyond Plastic

    Daniella Russo is the CEO and co-founder of the Think Beyond™ the leader of global action to devel...
  • James duBois

    Senior Manager of Environmental Sustainability, Driscoll's

    James duBois is the Senior Manager of Environmental Sustainability at Driscoll’s. James has worked...
  • Rich Uto

    Owner of Satsuma Farms

    Rich Uto is the owner of Satsuma Farms and the first strawberry grower in the world to achieve the S...
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