Latin America and the Caribbean generate about 541.000 tons/day of municipal solid waste and have a high per capita generation of 1 kg/inhabitant per day. About 90 % of the MSW ends in landfill sites and the recycling rates are between 1-20 % depending on the country.

Several countries in the region are making a shift towards a circular economy and EPR and SPR legislations are helping in this transition. Additionally, the informal sector plays a key role in the region and needs to be integrated into the legal framework. The panel discussion gives an insight into the latest developments on EPR in the region with case-studies from Chile, Colombia, and Brazil.

  • Vishwas Vidyaranya

    Co-founder, Ambire Global

    Vishwas is the co-founder of Ambire, a company focused on consulting and digital solutions in circul...
  • Carolina Palacio

    Argentinean Waste Pickers Federation, UTEP

    Carolina Palacio, is a militant of the Argentinean Waste Pickers Federation within the Union of Popu...
  • José Alejandro Martínez S

    Director of Sustainability Department, Institute for sustainable entrepreneurship, EAN University

    Alejandro is a circular economy expert with over 24 years of national and international experience i...
  • Michael Maggio

    Sustainability Strategist

    First and foremost, Mike is a husband, father, friend, student, teacher and a passionate fan of the ...
  • Rodrigo Leiva Neumann

    Veolia Environment Executive

    Rodrigo’s 25-year career in waste management began in France, and continued in Chile where he mana...
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