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| be Waste Wise | September 21, 2023

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How Environmental is Social Value? | with Adam Read

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Organized on 7th February 2022

With the focus of the resources and waste sector very much on protecting the environment and delivering on decarbonisation, the broader impacts and the benefits these bring to society are often overlooked or underplayed. But that is all changing and in the UK, central Government bodies must now assess all of their tenders against social value criteria, making it ever more mainstream when designing services and solutions. So what and how can the resources and waste sector deliver social value and how do we maximise its impact?

This webinar looks at the role of the sector in embedding activities as part of and above the day to day which create community benefits, training opportunities, local economic improvements while moving towards a more circular and carbon-efficient economy. We explore how interconnected our environmental and social impact is and will be in the future, dig deep into opportunities that you could look to deliver through your next collection or treatment contract and consider how far social value outputs and mindsets could influence the design and delivery of waste management systems worldwide.



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